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The benefits of Nasal breathing

Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing is a crucial aspect of our respiratory system and has numerous benefits for our overall health and well-being. In contrast, mouth breathing can lead to various health issues, including dry mouth, bad breath, and snoring. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize nasal breathing and maintain good nasal health to enjoy its many benefits.

Here are some useful facts about nasal breathing you might not know:

  1. The mouth is the start of the digestive system
  2. The hairs in our nose warm the air so it is smoother on the lungs and filters allergens
  3. The nose contains gas nitric oxide which is necessary to increase the carbon dioxide in the blood Co2, which in turn releases O2. This provides better oxygenation to cells – our own immune booster
  4. Breathing is a major line of defence against airborne pathogens. This is our protection against COVID and other airborne pathogens
  5. Nasal breathing is an active part of the nervous system which is responsible for survival and/or stress states. This can provide a sense of calm to the system even if the body is in a state of stress.