Mimo Mindful Movement

Combining function
and well-being

Our method is an individual focused approach that strives to find the optimal balance between body, mind and spiritual systems for each individual – depending on their abilities, personal pathologies and needs.

We combine many different methods such as:

“Mimo was born out of years of clinical experience in the field of rehabilitation, orthopaedics, sports, neurology and chronic pain patients as well as a personal journey of years of chronic pain.”

Gerda Miller, Founder

The importance of mindfulness

Mindfulness tools are incorporated in the method in order to connect the mind with the brain.

The brain is part of the body and mind blue prints the brain to become part of how our body reacts and holds itself.

The whole nervous system and brain are ultimately telling our body how to move and react. Research has also shown that mindful movement and breath are the big role players in changing how our nervous system is set.

This amazing physiology of the body and plasticity of the brain make it possible to use methods of movement, breath, relaxation and mindfulness to create changes to our total health.

Why clients choose us